August 26, 2022 – Pastor’s Note

A few scattered notes:

Thank you to everyone who made our parish mission a success! The Parish Life and Socials Committee, the Funeral Reception Committee, the Catholic Daughters and Knights of Columbus, and anyone else who helped with tables, chairs, food, set up, and take down. It was a significant undertaking, but everything went very smoothly. Thank you also to the Holy Spirit, who made our discussions together so fruitful and inspiring. Please feel free to give feedback about Mission Week by taking this 5-minute survey.

Fr. Josh Nehnevaj will be saying all of our Masses this weekend. If he looks familiar, but you cannot remember from where, he was our deacon seminarian last summer. He currently serves as the Parochial Vicar at St. Louise in Bellevue (with Whatcom’s own Fr. Gary Zender).

As the next phase of assisting our parishioners to carry out our Pastoral Plan (English || Spanish), we will be shifting into a dedicated focus on personal prayer over the next few months. I’ll explain it all again as we roll it out, but for you eager beavers out there, you can get an early start by signing up for and diving in to

This side of Heaven, we will never run out of people and situations to pray for. I know many people are continuing to pray for Ukraine. But would you also consider praying for the Church in Nicaragua? Priests and bishops are being detained at a level we are not used to seeing outside of China, and I am sure the Catholics in that country would appreciate your prayers. (Background || Most recent crisis)

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