In the course of my pastoral work, I create and discover a lot of resources, and it only seems fair to share them with anyone who might find them useful. For those resources which are my creation, please send feedback to so that I can keep making them better!

Though I have not done the work to officially mark them individually as such, every work of my creation on this page should be considered in the Public Domain, under the CC 1.0 Creative Commons License.

Hispanic Ministry

Mass_Cheat_Sheet (Introductory and Concluding Rites, plus the prayer of absolution)

Quinceañera Script (based on the Book of Blessings and the USCCB’s order of celebration)

USCCB’s Order for the Blessing on the Fifteenth Birthday (English) / (Spanish), courtesy of the Diocese of Ft. Worth

DACA-Bishops Response 9-5-17 (Sept. 05, 2017)

Thomistic Theological Terms in Spanish