Letters, Etc.

Letters and Resources

In the course of my pastoral work, I will often write letters to my parishioners. I will also create and discover helpful resources. This is page where I host both.

For letters and resources which are my creation
You are free to use, modify, and share. I appreciate attributions but do not require them. As such, you should consider them in the public domain according to Creative Commons — CC0 1.0 Universal.

If you would like a .docx version, please e-mail me.

For external resources
Please respect the desire of the author of these resources.

Parish Letters – Assumption, Bellingham


Parish Life



Original Resources


Liturgical Music

Hispanic Ministry

External Resources

Hispanic Ministry

  • USCCB’s Order for the Blessing on the Fifteenth Birthday (English) / (Spanish), courtesy of the Diocese of Ft. Worth

Liturgical Resources

Podcasts that I Listen To

Bible in a Year w/ Fr. Mike Schmitz – Really helpful to have daily contact with the Scriptures.

New Polity – A group of broadly educated and deeply faithful Catholics questioning all of our social, political, and economic assumptions.

The Pillar Podcast – Two Catholic journalists (and canon lawyers!) discussing the issues of the day. [No official podcast page.]

Get Religion – A helpful discussion of the major religious news story each week. Helps me keep in touch with the non-Catholic religious world.

FiveThirtyEight Politics – If I am going to stay informed on politics, I prefer it to be data-based.

The Place we Find Ourselves – A counselor who is also a minister discusses stories and healing.

The History of Rome – I loved taking Latin in high school, and this really hits that spot.