July 01, 2022 – Pastor’s Note

This week, I would like to highlight an event coming up at the end of the summer that I hope everyone can put on their calendars now: Mission Week, the evenings of August 23 – 25.

Parish missions are an ancient and venerable practice in the Church of taking special times or days to educate and reinvigorate the faith of the people of a parish. For centuries, these were carried out by mendicant religious orders who would travel parish to parish, preaching as they went; then in the 18th century different orders, like the Vincentians and Redemptorists, carried out annual missions at parishes; today, many parish missions are carried out by professional lay preachers/speakers.

This year, we are inviting Kendra de Ramos, from the Evangelical Catholic, to give the first two nights of our parish mission. Kendra has been working with us for almost a year now and I have been very impressed with her faith, her zeal, and her presentation. I am thrilled that she will be our speaker.

More specifically, our “Mission Week” will be broken out into three days, each with the same schedule:
5:30 p.m. – Mass ||  6:15 p.m. – Dinner  ||  6:45 p.m. – Childcare  || 6:45 p.m. – Presentation

August 23, 2022: Mission Night #1 – Be Not Afraid
Courageously responding to Jesus’ invitation, “follow me,” in a post-Christian world.

Are you checking the boxes and wondering what more there is in store for you? Reflect on the power of Jesus’ words “follow me” and how he personally invites each of us to a joyful, abundant life in this inspiring event led by Kendra de Ramos of the Evangelical Catholic.

Come to this event to

  • Grow in faith and understanding of the fullness of your identity
  • Unpack how to be an authentic disciple in the modern world
  • Experience the power of prayer in community
  • Enjoy fellowship with familiar and new faces

August 24, 2022: Mission Night #2 – How To Share Your Faith …and How Not To
A fun and interactive skills-building workshop.

Do you long for an opportunity to share your faith but get tongue-tied when one comes up? Learn how to share your experience of Jesus in simple, natural ways in this fun, interactive event led by Kendra de Ramos of the Evangelical Catholic. 

Come to this event to

  • Grow in attentive listening skills
  • Understand the power of stories 
  • Discover your own story of faith
  • Practice sharing your faith in a low-stress environment

August 25, 2022: Mission Night #3 – Finding Jesus at Assumption
A night of intimacy, vulnerability, and hope.

Building off the Synodal Listening Sessions, hear from follow parishioners about their personal encounters with the Lord and how he has changed their lives. Consider sharing your own testimony, or just marvel at the grace the Lord pours out upon those who love him.

Come to this event to

  • Be inspired by real life stories of grace
  • Get to know your fellow parishioners on a deeper level
  • Potentially share your own story
  • Remember that Jesus is truly present in Bellingham

At this point in the planning, our biggest need is childcare. If you are willing to help us offer childcare, please contact Fr. Moore at frmoore@assumption.org. All volunteers will need to be Safe Environment certified and trained, but there is enough time to get training before August if you act now.

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