October 05, 2017 – Thursday in the 26th Week in Ordinary Time, Year 1

Readings – English / Español


In our first reading, the people listen attentively to the law, and then weep at the end. Why did they weep? It was not out of boredom, though that may be how we would react to hearing Leviticus and Numbers read out loud to us. No, they wept because they realized how much God had done for them, and how little they had given God in return. This is the proper way to understand morality and the law. We do not act morally because God is angry and threatens us with Hell. We act morally because God has loved us so much, and being good people is how we respond to that love. When we realize how little we have paid God back for his goodness, we ought to weep. But do not weep, because today is holy. Jesus has saved us, and we have come together to repay him with our worship.



En nuestra primera lectura, la gente escucha atentamente la ley, y luego llora al final. ¿Por qué lloraban? No era por aburrimiento. No, lloraban porque se daban cuenta de lo mucho que Dios había hecho por ellos, y de lo poco que habían dado a Dios a cambio. Esta es la forma correcta de entender la moralidad y la ley. No actuamos moralmente porque Dios está enojado y nos amenaza con el Infierno. Actuamos moralmente porque Dios nos amó tanto, y ser buena gente es cómo respondemos a ese amor. Cuando nos damos cuenta de lo poco que hemos pagado a Dios por su bondad, debemos llorar. Pero no lloren, porque hoy es santo. Jesús nos ha salvado, y hemos venido juntos para recompensarlo con nuestra adoración.

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  1. Joe West says:

    The listeners, including children, listened attentively from daybreak until mid-day. Not a, less than 1 hour Liturgy of today. And only a Liturgy of the Word, as they feasted after the 4-6 hour reading.

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